Annual High School Trap Shoot

The 17th Annual High School Trap Shoot will be sponsored by the South Florida Gun Club on Saturday, June 27, 2016.  Starting time is 10:00 a.m.  The club will be open for practice at 9:00 a.m.  (One practice round per shooter at $2.50.)

For information, please telephone PAM LYMAN at 772-266-7405 or WILLIAM ROGERS at 772-987-2367.

The program will consist of a gun safety presentation, 50 regulation trap targets (25-16 yard targets and 25-19 yard handicap targets), awards presentation and lunch.

This event is open to both male and female students, grades 8 thru 12.  Schools may enter as many 5-person teams as desired.  Each team should be represented by an adult coach/sponsor.  Individual entries are welcome.

The entry fee will be $12.00 per shooter ($60.00 per team) if pre-registered two weeks before the shoot, and $14.00 per entrant the day of the shoot.  Pre-registration is necessary for food management and trap help scheduling.  The fee includes targets and lunch.  Shells are not included, but will be available at a nominal charge.

AWARDS:  A first, second and third place school plaque will be awarded.  Individual medals will be awarded to the first, second and third place team members.  Individual trophies will be awarded to first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth place individual total scores.  Trophies – Courtesy of Palm City McDonald’s.


1.  All entrants are required to be enrolled at the high school they represent.
2.  Each school may enter as may five-student teams as they desire.
3.  Each school is requested to have at least one adult sponsor/coach (supervisor) for each two teams.  Sponsor/coach is not required to be a teacher and/or administrator.
4.  Each shooter will be expected to furnish their guns and shells.  Shells may be purchased in the clubhouse.
5.  Eye and ear protection is recommended.
6.  All shooting will be under the supervision of an adult present at each trap.
7.  Please bring a shooting vest, nail apron, etc., to hold your shells.  Please do not pick up empty shells while your squad is shooting.
8.  Ties for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place team trophies will be shot off.  Shoot off will consist of 25 targets per team, 10(16 yard targets) and 15-(19 yard handicap targets).
9.  Ties for 1st through 6th place individual trophies will be shot off, using the team shoot off format.
10. Each 5-person team should select a team captain.
11. This competition is considered to be a school activity.  No smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages or use of profane language will be tolerated.
12. All rules and decisions by shoot management or personnel are final.


President’s Annual Letter Dennis Barlow

Dear FSTA Member:Dennis Barlow

As I begin this letter let me first acknowledge how appreciative I am to be able to work with such a knowledgeable and capable staff.  Your delegates, directors, alternates, and staff are representing you very well.

I am writing this letter with the benefit of two Board meetings having been concluded.  This first was held on November 24, 2015, and the second on February 23, 2016.  Both were held here in Indian Creek.  This letter will serve to update you relevant to both meetings.

Let me begin by saying that your Association is in a sound financial condition with assets in excess of $468,000.  Having said that, however, you should know that in fiscal 2014 we incurred a loss of $8,002 and in fiscal 2015 we incurred a loss of $31,692.  During both periods we incurred significant costs to upgrade and repair our physical facilities.  We still have some work to complete (electrical, water and sound system), but all of these are in the final phases and we expect the expenditures to be significantly less.  Therefore, barring any major “surprises”, or bad weather during our state shoot, we should be able to show a profit for 2016.

Speaking of the 2016 state shoot, the FSTA accepted the proposal of Crow Shooting Supply to provide Remington brand orange and white dome targets for our event.  Remington has recently introduced a new and improved version of their target, and we are confident that it will be a very high quality, breakable target.  We also plan on using a  voice release system at our shoot, and have contracted with Bill Stuart to administer our computer system for squadding, scoring and cashiering.

When you receive your program you will note that we have reconfigured some events on “Fun Day”.  Event 1 – 200-bird 16 yard, will now become two 100-bird events.  Event 3 – 200 doubles, will now become two 100-bird events.  One other change is that all events on “Fun Day” will be shot in the 10 target per post format.  This is the system currently under evaluation by the ATA and recently employed at the Spring Grand.  We plan to use the standard 5 target per post format for the balance of the program.  However, we reserve the right to change to the 10-bird format for later events if deemed necessary.  We understand that the 10-bird format can reduce actual shooting time by as much as 30%.

We have also decided to add 10 trophies to our already impressive trophy list.  The addition of 10 trophies for special categories in the HOA will add prestige to our shoot and be welcome news to those shooters on the “All American” trail.

The FSTA has also decided to offer cement (patio pads) to interested campers.  These pads can be purchased for $900 guaranteeing the purchaser 10 years of space.  The pad itself will be provided by the FSTA, poured to our specifications, with the cost of the pad itself to be paid for by the user.  More details will be available soon.

Please review your program to note other changes.  Some options are being amended or changed, as well as the payout of options.  Payout of options will be consistent with the percentage method rather than hi-gun.

Ladies please note, Mary Jane Moore and Maria Spaldon have once again agreed to organize a slate of events for you.  They did such a great job last year, therefore, I couldn’t be happier that they have agreed to head this up again this year.

All shooters interested in pre-squadding should also note the new numbering system for our traps.  This part of our program is being redone and should be much easier to understand.

A review of the Florida State team requirements has resulted in the adoption of a couple of changes.  The first is an increase in men’s single target requirements from 2,500 to 3,000.  This is consistent with the ATA requirements for national recognition.  (All requirements for other categories remain as before.)

The second change is that a shooter may be eligible for only one state team category, and that category will be the category the shooter is classified at when he or she signs up for the state shoot.

Speaking of our State Team, congratulations to this year’s selections.  Be sure to congratulate these shooters when you see them.  Also, congratulations to Dan Bright and Bill Stove selected to the Men’s Second All American Team and to Vicky Stubby selected to the Women’s Second All American Team.  Finally, special congraulations to Bob Svensson, recipient of the Trap and Field All-Around Average Award for 2015 with an average of .9425 in the Senior Veteran category.  (Incidentally, has anyone checked Bob’s birthdate?  How can someone who doesn’t look a day over 50 be a senior vet?)

It is also worth noting that Florida native Natalie Kautzky of Fort Dodge, Florida has been elected to the ATA Hall of Fame.  There is a great article about Marie in the December issue of Trap and Field.

The FSTA has also contracted with Dudley Web Design to create an FSTA website.  This website will become a resource for “real time” information of interest to all FSTA members and anyone else who has an interest in the activities of our organization.

I have recommended and your directors have approved the formation of a Long Range Planning Committee.  This committee will make recommendations to the FSTA regarding initiatives, which will contribute to the health and prosperity of our organization.  I would like to see the committee consist of 6 to 8 members, coming from the membership at large which would act in an advisory capacity to the FSTA directors.  Phil Thyer has volunteered to Chair this committee.  Now we need volunteers to serve.  If you or someone you know would be willing to serve in this capacity, please notify your Zone Director or contact Phil Thyer directly.  One of the topics for discussion would be the feasibility of another major shoot here in Florida.  Another topic for discussion by this group would be the feasibility of hiring a manager for the FSTA grounds, to run the state shoot, and to also manage the Cedar Falls Gun Club.  You will recall that this proposal was submitted at our annual meeting and it was determined that we should conduct such a study.  We had also thought of mailing a card to all members asking for their thoughts and comments.  However, in the interest of saving money, I am asking that you convey your thoughts to your Zone Director and/or Phil Thyer or myself, and we will in turn make this available to the committee.

Speaking of “long range”, the FSTA is requesting the ATA to reserve the last Tuesday in July as our official state shoot start date for the next 50 years.  Please mark your calendars as we have a really special event scheduled for “Fun Day” – 2052!!

Phil Thyer has proposed that the FSTA establish an “Florida Rookie of the Year” category.  Phil will work out the criteria and we will announce this at our state shoot.

Also, the youth should take note that the National Shooting Sports Foundation will again sponsor the Scholastic Clay Target Program at our state shoot.  You should start to think of a team now, as there are some great prizes to be won!!  For more information, contact Larry Fevence, Director, at 305-426-1320 or the website is http://nssf.org.

In closing, the FSTA continues to be the benefactor of the experience and knowledge imparted to it by its various members, both volunteers and elected officials.  In that capacity and in recognition of his efforts on behalf of the FSTA, I have appointed Jon Halford to the position of Staff Director and special counsel to the office of FSTA President.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make 2015 the success that it was, and I am looking forward to a great 2016.  I hope you break-em all!!!!

Dennis Barlow, FSTA President
1-800-695-6717, ext. 118
e-mail: dbarlow@e-securion.com